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Top Sex Positions You'll Want To Try Tonight...

Dear Friend,

I've been in mourning!

My man has been out of town and my kitty has been howling for him.

Wagh! Poor me.

Thank goodness we live in the 21st century where we have phones, text messages and vibrators!

He and I have actually made our relationship more exciting by TALKING about what we want to do to each other when we are back in one bed.

And I have to tell you, having to get creative on the phone and sending naughty little cell phone pictures of the kitty...

Well, it's made our sex life more and more exhilarating.

And we're not even in the same STATE.

We enjoyed it so much that I thought I'd share it with YOU.

Try THIS the next time you two are away from each other for a few days...

I sent my man a picture of me wearing his favorite pair of lace panties, with my hand strategically placed...

And then he sent me a picture fresh out of the shower...

The next thing you know, we're on the phone telling each other, in DETAIL, exactly what we would do to each other if we were standing in front of each other.

Talk about getting hot and bothered.


I told him how I wanted to put on his favorite sexy outfit of mine and straddle him, as I had him blindfolded and tied to a chair.

I told him just what was going in my mouth and how...

I let him know that I was going to get him NIIIIICE and frustrated. Teasing his erection with my kitty, then stopping.

Stop, start. Stop start.

Until he was crazed with desire.

The I'd untie him....

And then he told me what he was going to do with ME...

Let me just say that WHO KNEW some of the most pleasurable "O's" can COME when the two of you are hundreds of miles away!

All I'm saying is try it. It revs up your sexual motors pretty damn fast.

And if you feel phone sex "challenged" and don't know where to start, check out my chapter on phone sex and other fabulous foreplay tips, by clicking below:

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OK, enough of me drooling and bragging...

Let's get YOU drooling and bragging.

I know that we all have a tendency to get into the sack and into the same old position every time.

So, with the help of a men's poll, and my own thorough research, I thought I'd pass on a message that our lovely members of the opposite sex would like to share with us.

Shake it up, ladies.

You want intimacy and playfulness, am I right?

You want, hot and steam, sweaty, sticky yummy ass sex!


Don't just lie there like a corpse, watching the news over his shoulder.

Get ready to incorporate these sex positions.

Because you know what I always say:

Boredom in the bedroom is the kiss of death!

So without further ado...

Let's get cracking:


A favorite of all time. This is you on top of your man but facing his feet.

You squat down on his erection and start movin to the groovin.

Pluses for you, control the depth and speed plus by squatting, you will have more control of your legs and the speed.

Pluses for him - He gets to lie back and enjoy the ride, plus hold on to your hips for dear life, and savor the view.

And if you lean forward, you can enjoy more clitoral stimulation.


OK, we all know that that missionary is the meat and potatoes of the sex positions.

But just a little change in angle can make ALL the difference in the world. You two can both get more intense pleasure by adding cushion.

Lie down on the bed, spread those legs of yours (I just love saying that!) and plant your feet on the bed.

Then you can take 2 or 3 firm pillows and put them under that cure little butt of yours.

Then let your man on in....

The pluses are that he can penetrate you deeper and again, you can get much better clitoral stimulation.

(Because as we know, we ladies love that clitoral stimulation...)

For a more advanced pose that will work out the tush of yours at the same time, you can forgo the pillows and keep your butt high in the air on your own. Talk about feeling the burn.

You two will be on FIRE.

It's an awesome workout WHILE you're workin' it, if you know what I mean...


You gotta love this one, just because it feels great and it's a very intimate position.

And we love that, right?

Simply get into the spooning position, you lying against your man and have him enter you.

You can twist your chest around a little so he can have access to caressing your breasts (A win/win for the both of you)

And you can lift up one of your legs, or place it on the other side of him to make for smoother groovin...


We all know that the doggie position is very popular with the men folk.

But a little variety on it will be even more popular with you.

Next time you "assume the position" have him hold up one of your legs.

This way he'll get a little deeper and his testes will tease your pretty clitty for even more stimulation.

And even more exciting, he can use that spare hand to pet your kitty and make her purrrrrrrrrrrr.


Oh, I love this one...

You lie on your side with your knees up to your chest, like a little ball.

And he scissors into you, one leg behind you and one leg in front.

This will allow him to tease you with shallow quick thrusts and you'll love this new angle of penetration.

Of course, these are just a few ways to spice up your sex life.

You two are in it for the long haul, so you owe it to yourselves to keep variety your main goal.

The point is there are ALWAYS ways to find more pleasure in your sex life, for you and for you man.

I wrote a whole book on it.

I was so tired of just falling into a rut, where My man and I weren't trying anything new and nothing exciting seemed to be happening for us anymore.

And when it gets boring in the bedroom, it can start to seep into EVERY aspect of a relationship.

So I decided to take action.

And after years of research, interviewing hundreds of women, doctors, and other professionals, reading everything I could get my pretty little hands on, I wrote my book so I could share everything I learned with you.

I've learned the secrets to taking responsibility for my own happiness in my sex life. I've learned how to really communicate my needs and desires to my mate and show him what really turns me on.

And I've learned how to blow him out of the park with my love making skills.

And everything I've learned is in my book.

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I'm even going to give you some security.

I'm going to let you have this book to read for free. You can decide for yourself.

If you don't find that your sex life doesn't improve, then you don't owe me a pretty penny.

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So, why are you still here?

Get reading!

I'll be talking with you soon with another intriguing article very soon, so keep an eye out for it.

Take Care and Happy Sex,

Lora Somoza


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