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When He Can't Make You 'Come'...

Dear Friend,

OK. Before I get into today's letter, Momma Lora HAS GOT to get something off her chest.

I've been getting not one, not two, but MANY letters from you lovely ladies out there, telling me how you are having problems having an "ORGANISM." Or that your man is not having "ORGANISMS."

Or, you're wondering how to have a vaginal "ORGANISM."

Let me just say, YOU DO NOT WANT AN ORGANISM. That would be bad. You would probably want to see a doctor and get antibiotics to get RID of an ORGANISM.

What you DO want is an


Do we all see the difference now?

I've gotten about a million emails where lovely ladies are mixing up the two.

So, I think now, we're clear, right?

ORGASM, good.

Organism, bad.


OK! Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.... heehee.

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yeah, I got a great letter I want to share with the rest of you hot sex kittens, because I KNOW a lot of you are going to be able to relate.

So, read on...


Dear Lora:

I have some problems and I need some advice.

First, I am involved with a wonderful man. We both come with different life experiences, especially when it comes to sex. I am vanilla, while he is multi-colored sherbet.

I want to change but in the process of finding myself, I am unable to reach an orgasm unless I masturbate during sex. My partner has told me repeatedly that he wants to see me orgasm, but that only makes me feel sad and disappointed when it doesn't happen. Help!

I am trying to talk during sex, but a lifetime being told what ladies say or don't say is hard to overcome. Any suggestions?

Secondly, We had awesome sex the other night involving baby oil. Now I think I have a urinary tract infection. Any suggestions on something a little less irritating to my system?



Dear M.A.

Wow, Lady, you gave me a lot to answer here. OK, so let's start with your biggest challenge which I'm sure soooooooooooooo many women can relate to. In fact, I used to be one of those women.

I WAS a woman, who like you, had figured out how to have an orgasm by myself, but I somehow couldn't seem to "Let Go" when I was with my man.

And it would just get worse because I started to feel an incredible amount of pressure to "Hurry up and come."

And seriously, who can relax and reach climax with that type of thinking?

Like I mention in my book, We women have 2 G-spots. There's the one between our legs and the one between our ears.

Our mind is the MOST POWERFUL sex organ we have. And a lot of the time, it works against us.

I go into depth about this in my book, in Chapter 2 entitled, It's All In Your Mind.

Check it out here where I write about Pfizer's research on women's sexuality and how they actually QUIT working on a female viagra pill because our arousal has more to do with willingness, an actual desire to have sex and the way we feel about ourselves.

Click HERE to read more

I was no different. I knew that I somehow told myself that it was "OK" to relax and let go while I was alone, but became too tense and self conscious to relax when I was with my guy.

The result was a lot of "Almosts but not quites."

And yeah, it sucked.

So what do you do?

Baby steps.

First off, forgive yourself. You are WAY too hard on yourself for not climaxing.

You will, you just have to learn to stop THINKING so much, feeling more, and start acting like a team.

What the hell am I talking about?

Read on....

OK, so you said that you can reach climax while masturbating.

Is he there in the room? If he isn't, then maybe start by masturbating in your bedroom. You can tell him you'll be in there and leave the door open, under the condition that he only watch silently, so he doesn't interrupt you.

Talk about erotic for the both of you!

You don't even have to really know he's there.

Or what you can do is have him JOIN you.

If you find that you can manually reach climax, then you can take his finger and use it as if it were your own. Use his to help you feel pleasure.

Notice how I didn't say have an orgasm?

That's because I don't want you to go into it for a while with the GOAL of climaxing.

You need to be patient for a while because you are trying something new. So the best way to relax is to say out loud, "I'm not going to try to have an orgasm, I'm just going to feel good with my lover."

Or If you use a vibrator to reach climax, invite him to use it on you, with your hand guiding his hand.

This technique will not only have him a part of your pleasure, but he will also be learning what turns you on and will be learning to do it himself.

And believe me, that's what he wants.

He WANTS to make you happy.

Now, I know what you're thinking. This sounds so awkward and scary and embarrassing.

Yeah, well, you're right.

But, so what.

It's only awkward, embarrassing and scary THE FIRST TIME...

And it may even be super sexy to him.

Be patient babe, it will happen.

Remember, sex is supposed to be FUN!

It's a roller coaster of yumminess. Don't stress so much and remember to FEEL what's going on.

But whatever you do, PROMISE ME that you won't lie and fake it.

I don't want to have to put on my bad ass stiletto heels and come kick your butt.

All you are doing is telling him that what he is doing is "Doing It" for you. And it's NOT.

So, what you do, is put it in his head to do that EXACT SAME THING forever. So it's your fault if your sex life goes nowhere.

You hear me? OK, good... moving on.

Now about the "lifetime of being told what ladies say..." Yeah, I know.

Been there, done that too.

In my book, I have a chapter called "Clean Slate" where I teach you how to Uncover your old beliefs, discover how they have held you back and discard those old beliefs for good.

I mean, you have to know where the old beliefs come from first before you can get rid of them.

And like I talk about in this chapter, It's important that you look at the childhood beliefs you had about sex NOW, with adult eyes.

You'll be surprised how different they look through adult eyes. Just follow the directions I give you starting on page 18.

And one last thing.

Baby Oil? Are you crazy?

Your poor va-jay-jay!

First off, Get Thee to the Gyno.

And then, for future reference...

Water based products, ladies, and make sure that they are made for the pretty clitty!

Like I said before, I recommend "Wet" or "Liquid Silk" or "Sensura."

So to recap,

Baby Oil - Bad

Real Lube - Good. OK?

Now, go, fly be free and go have sex!

I have to say, I love getting letters like this, because I can really relate.

Like I said, I know what It's like to be sitting around, frustrated and ashamed, wondering why I don't have the sex that I was sure everyone else "seemed" to be having.

And I got REALLY sick of so so sex.

I was DETERMINED to finally be proud of my sex life.

So I decided to take action.

And after years of research, interviewing hundreds of women, doctors, and other professionals, reading everything I could get my pretty little hands on, I can finally say that yeah, it's reallllllllllly good.

Now I really get what all the fuss is about.

And then I did the next logical step. I wrote my ebook, Bliss in the Bedroom, so I could share everything I learned with you.

- I've learned the secrets to taking responsibility for my own happiness in my sex life.

- I've learned how to really communicate my needs and desires to my mate and show him what really turns me on.

- I've learned how to blow him out of the park with my love making skills.

And everything I've learned is in my book.

You can learn everything that I have.

All you have to do is click HERE to get your copy

I'm even going to give you some security.

I'm going to let you have this book to read for free. You can decide for yourself.

If you don't find that your sex life doesn't improve, then you don't owe me a pretty penny.

But I'm pretty confident that you will really find your love live improving once you really take the time to read my book and try my proven techniques.

You'll do what so many of my other readers have done... you'll wonder why you hadn't read it before!

If you download it now, you can be reading it in a few minutes. And all in the privacy of your own home.

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So, why are you still here?

Get reading, woman!

I'll be talking to you with another intriguing article very soon, so keep an eye out for it.

Happy Sex My Little Love Kitten,

Lora Somoza


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