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“The Most Exciting Sex You Have NEVER Had...Yet...”

Dear Friend,

Ah. Another hot Saturday night wit your man. A dinner ordered in and a movie he partially slept through. The two of you make your way to the bedroom around 11pm.

No hot lingerie, just an old ratty t-shirt and and some sweats. You get in bed and the hot lovin' begins.

A little feel up here. A little poke, poke there. And if you're REALLY LUCKY ( but I won't hold my breath) you get a five second licky licky and then it's penetration time.

And (If you're honest) it's pretty much over before you even had the chance to get aroused or even care for that matter.

Sigh. Yeah, I know.

Remember when you first met? When it was fun and spontaneous? When the sex was actually GOOD?

So what do you do?

What's the solution when you find yourself in a sexual rut and it's just not cutting it anymore. And your man? Well, he seems OK, but maybe a little bored.

And THAT'S the kiss of death.

I'm not saying that boring sex will kill a relationship...


Yeah, sometimes your sex life needs some spicing up.

And it can be easier to do and be more incredible than you think if you just have a little imagination and an open mind.

It might just be time for you to try ...

A little BONDING with some BONDAGE.

Holy Crap!

Yeah yeah, stop hiding under the covers you little scaredy kitty and read on.

Before you get some nasty image in your head of that scary ass gimp from "Pulp Fiction," just listen to a few tamer aspects to this new "game" and how it could actually bring the two of you closer, bring the fun back into the sack AND quite possibly be THE BEST SEX OF YOU RELATIONSHIP.

First off, gone are the days, that only dirty girls and boys played with the idea of Sexual power PLAY. And that's what a little bondage can be.

It's an opportunity to change the balance of power in bed, or even let go of some hard won INHIBITIONS that we women seem to have when it comes to sex.

Say you're the type of chickie that enjoys sex your man but finds it difficult to just "let go" and climax. Maybe the two of you are having sex and then that BRAIN of yours kicks in and starts THINKING...

Ugh, the kiss of climax death. Because then you start THINKING about having an orgasm and, then forget it. It will be easier to win the lottery that night than to win a big O.

But a lot of women get a kind of "permission slip" to let go all of the way when they are in a sexually passive role and somehow physically restrained while their partner is performing oral sex on them or having intercourse.


Because there is just something so freeing and passionate when you have no control over the situation. All you CAN do is LET GO and enjoy the ride, baby.

In fact, it could be a gateway to greater orgasms, or even your first one.

One woman, Theresa from LA, told me that she could never have an orgasm conventionally until her boyfriend tied her up one night and went to town.

"It was so hot, because I couldn't do anything but feel, and I just stopped thinking and for the first time really just went nuts. After that, it became easier to come, with or without restraints, but we definitely use them once in a while to keep things hot."

But it's not just for you. You can turn the tables on your man, especially if he always calls the shots.

Does he always initiate sex? Is he the one that "decides" on what position you're going for, or who's gonna get some oral lovin' first?

Well, think about how much fun it would be to take the power out of his hot little hands and put it LITERALLY in yours.

That's right, you be the dominant one, darlin'. You're on top and you man is under your thumb, squirming with pleasure, possibly sporting a pair of furry handcuffs.

And YOU get to decide just how much pleasure he gets and just tease, tease, TEASE that bad boy of yours until the two you are about to explode with desire...

Then you can untie him and watch him devour you with desire. It's a total win / win situation.

I mean, seriously, what could be a better turn-on for the both of you?

But there are some ground rules that the two of you must agree on before the fun begins:

Rule #1 - Who's Your Daddy?

Have you ever asked a partner to do something sexually that they were SO not into? There's only one word for it:


You gotta know your man. A lot of men are very game to try something new and exciting in the sack, while there are some that are still very conservative and still want to procreate with a e with a hole cut in a sheet.

For some some playful and simple tips on HOW get him to try new things, or how to bring up the subject without turning 18 shades of red, then check out my e-book for the EASIST path to some sexual resistance! Click here to read more:

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Rule #2 - Um, So What ARE The Rules?

You two have to communicate any concerns either one of you have FIRST, so there won't be any weirdness later.

Remember, this is meant to be fun, not creepy.

So be clear on who gets what role.

Are you the tie-er (dominant role) or the tie-ee (the submissive)?

And once you've decided who is in what role, then you need to agree on what will be OK during this time...

Is this just foreplay or is this for oral sex? Are you comfortable in this for penetration or are you open to see where it goes?

And finally, most importantly, make sure you guys have a SAFETY WORD or phrase, that means GAME OVER RIGHT NOW. Something that you wouldn't call out naturally, you know, something like "PEACHES" or "DICK CHENEY."

(I don't know about you, but if someone I was with screamed out "Dick Cheney," my sexual fire would be extinguished immediately.)

Rule #3 - Be Prepared

OK. The two of you are on board. You've got a plan and you've got your safety word.

Now all you need are some basic tools.

You can always use what's around the house like scarves, men's ties, bathrobe sashes, nylon rope.

Just stay away from women's stockings, as they they have a tendency to cut off circulation and the knots are a bitch to get out, Uh, not that that I know from PERSONAL experience or anything... Moving on....

Or you can visit a sex website for a beginner's restraint kit. They usually come with four restraints (ankles and wrists), a blindfold (So very nice!) and even a little how-to manual.

And if you're feeling feisty, you can add some "accessories", like a furry paddle. But feel free to start off tame and slowly add on if you end up really digging it.

Rule #4 - Enjoy It

This is about exploring fantasies with someone you trust. So it is supposed to be fun.

Allow yourself to fall under your man's spell. Don't try to control anything if you are in the submissive role. You're in his hands and the only thing you can do is FEEL.

With every physical restraint put on you, let it be another emotional restraint being lifted.

And if you're on top, really relish in the power you have. Your man is H-E-L-P-L-E-S-S. So lick him, stroke him, ride him, tease him, gently bite him, then STOP!

Make him beg for you to make him climax.


One last thing: If you guys try it and find you laugh more breathe heavy, who cares? The point is you tried something new and are constantly evolving in your relationship.

That's a great attitude to have.

But if you DO love it, then hey, Congratulations. Another great trick to add to Magic Love Show.

And no more boring Saturday nights....

Of course, I don't expect this to be the only "GO TO" type of sex that you have for spicing it up when it gets a little, oh, you know, lukewarm.

There are dozens of ways to not just re-igniting the spark, but feeling that spark of chemistry and hot passionate desire like you did the FIRST time.

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- And REAL ways to bring your fantasies to life in the bedroom or in other rooms...

- How to get you man to really get your toes to curl.

And so much more.

I've literally made it my job to find ways to help you find more pleasure, more confidence and a deeper connection to you lover.

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And if for some reason you're not thrilled, then no worries, and no payment.

But I'm pretty damn confident you'll get be happy with this book and it will help you like it's helped so many others.

So, happy reading and happy sex.

I'll talk to you soon.


Lora Somoza.

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Your letters inspire me.

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Alright, off to do some more "research" with the beau, if ya get my drift!


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