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Why Big Girls Should Play With Sex Toys...

Dear Friend,

There are many reasons to be glad that we are born into the age we are. For instance:

Indoor plumbing, Ipods, Chinese take-out, TIVO, cellphones, online shopping, free delivery, just to name a very few.

All wonderful conveniences of the modern world that our sisters of past generations had no access to.

And what could really ROCK your boat and leave you wondering how you ever lived with out, you may not have tried...

Admit it.

You've heard of it. And you've THOUGHT about it. You may have even caught yourself looking at one, only to run of, red-faced.

But it's TIME to face your fears and take the plunge.

It's time to buy a SEX TOY.

(Cue the horror music.)

Now, wait a minute, before your pretty little head explodes, hear me out...


In fact, it COULD be a great tool for you to use and figure out what really turns you on.

Did you know that most women that have NOT been able to have an orgasm, were finally able to have one after practicing with a sex toy?

Sex toys are often a great way to help you learn what pleasures you. They are wonderful learning tools, while feeling reallllllly good....

And you would not be the first to try.

In the 1980's, the sex toy industry had a couple hundred toys available for, shall we say, public consumption?

Then, in the 1990's, they were selling thousands. Now, there are literally hundreds of thousands of toys to choose from.

And most of the products are for women!

Now, that doesn't happen if there's no demand for a product, if you get my drift.

And with the modern convenience of online shopping, a couple of clicks and your new friend will be sent to you in plain old wrapping, like some sort of facial product.

No one's the wiser, but you.

Hey, that's one of the reasons I decided to do an ebook in the first place. It makes the shy factor go away when you don't have to take a SEX BOOK up to the counter at your neighborhood bookstore. You can just download it here and read it in the privacy of your own home:

Click HERE to get it!

So let's stop looking for lame excuses why not to buy ANY sex aids, and let's figure out what's going to make your kitty purr.


I talked to David Levine, the owner of Sextoy.com, and he told me what I have suspected all along:

The vibrator, not the diamond, is a girl's best friend.

He told me the vibrator, in all its incarnations, sells like crazy. Why, you ask? (Really? You have to ask?)

Well, to be perfectly blunt, any gentleman can act as a "dildo" but no man out there can out preform a vibrator.

(If you DO know of a man that can, by all means, give him my number, will ya?)

Now listen to me because this is important.

If you only "THINK" you've had an orgasm before, then you haven't. And one of the easiest ways for most women is to masturbate.

And one of the best tools to use is the vibrator. AGAIN, there is absolutely NOTHING to be ashamed about.

In fact, my first whole section of my book, "Bliss in the Bedroom" is about figuring out what makes YOU tick and how to make sure YOU'RE sexually satisfied.

To get more information on it, go HERE now.

Just remember, when it comes to vibrators, that buzzing sensation can curl your toes and help women reach the big oh, oh, OH! in seconds.

And vibrator shopping can be like any other shopping, say shoes. There's something for everyone.

You can find what's right for you.

There are big vibrators, and bright colored ones. There are some that look like hand massagers. There are tiny ones that are plain and simple. There are some that are shaped like a lipstick.

Who knew an orgasm could look so cute?

You can even buy a remote controlled, waterproof one that has different speeds and oscillations. Fancy, huh?

In fact, David told me, the "EGG"; a wireless, waterproof vibrator sell out all the time.

Ah HA... so that's what's really happening in those long bubble baths, eh?

And the price for these new best friends will fit any lady's budget. You can find something fabulous for a few dollars or all the way up to eighty bucks for all the bells and whistles.


Now, One top seller is this little thing called the rabbit.

Wait, let me take that back. There's nothing "little" about this thing.

In fact, I think it looks like a Hello Kitty Space Ship.

And David warned me that the Rabbit was not for first timers because of its INTENSITY.

Hmmmm, intriguing, No?

So I sent my friend / guinea pig Jennifer in to try it out.

(Guinea pig? Rabbit? What the hell are we talking about again? Oh yeah, sex toys...)

Well, she came back with this cat that ate the canary look on her face.

While she agreed it was too much at first, she made some adjustments and was rocketed into the fourth dimension.

See? I TOLD you it was a space ship...

Apparently, and this is where I get all technical, there's a swirly thing that goes up and in you while another piece goes to town, vibrating on your clitoris.

One stop shopping and all needs met.


OK, for some, hey maybe most of you, the rabbit may be too much of a good thing.

And maybe the vibrator isn't for you.

That's OK... I get it.

You want to have the feeling of having sex, hitting or FINDING your G-spot.

Well then, the dildo is for you.

Getting a dildo is a great way to actually practice on your own and find out what really feels good.

You can tilt your new friend up in varying degrees to find your sweet spot, which in turn can make for better sexual experiences later.

Again, for more help finding your G-spot, Click HERE

And the great thing about didlos now a days (Wow... there's an opening you just don't get to use everyday.) is that they are more LIFE like.

You have more colors and sizes to choose from. Because not all ladies are the same, why should our toys?

Some can even be heated to make your experience more pleasurable.

And the materials used now are more flesh like and less lame silly putty-ish.

Or course, this is just the beginning.

David says once women get online, it's rare that they buy less than three things.

You can find things to try with your lover something tame like massage oils or funny dice with sex positions on them.

Or maybe you get a little s + m starter kit (see my next newsletter for more on THAT)

Or you can use you new found toy WITH your man.

The point is there are ALWAYS ways to find more pleasure in your sex life, for you and for you man.

I wrote a whole book on it.

I was so tired of just falling into a rut, where My man and I weren't trying anything new and nothing exciting seemed to be happening for us anymore.

And when it gets boring in the bedroom, it can start to seep into EVERY aspect of a relationship.

So I decided to take action.

And after years of research, interviewing hundreds of women, doctors, and other professionals, reading everything I could get my pretty little hands on, I wrote my book so I could share everything I learned with you.

I've learned the secrets to taking responsibility for my own happiness in my sex life. I've learned how to really communicate my needs and desires to my mate and show him what really turns me on.

And I've learned how to blow him out of the park with my love making skills.

And everything I've learned is in my book.

all you have to do is click below for you copy:

Click HERE to read it!

I'm even going to give you some security.

I'm going to let you have this book to read for free. You can decide for yourself.

If you don't find that your sex life doesn't improve, then you don't owe me a pretty penny.

But I'm pretty confident that you will really find your love live improve once you really take the time to read my book and try my proven techniques.

If you download it now, you can be reading it in a few minutes.

Click HERE

So, why are you still here?

Get reading?

I'll be talking with you soon with another intriguing article very soon, so keep an eye out for it.

Your Friend

Lora Somoza


Remember, please keep those letters coming.

I love hearing from you and I'm always available to you to help.

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Thanks Again. You Ladies ROCK.


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