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“If You Are SERIOUS About
Learning The Skills It Takes To Become The Most Passionate Lover Your Man Has Ever Had...”

But Secretly Worry That The Sex You Are Having Now Is As Good As It’s EVER Going To Get, Then Read On...

Dear Friend,

If you have gone from wondering WHEN your sex life is going to improve to IF things will ever become more exciting between you and your lover, then I'd like to share a story with you about how I went from being a woman somewhat insecure about my sex skills (and not totally thrilled in the sack) to an orgasmic little sex kitten who rocks my man's world.


Read on... 

I used to be completely insecure not only with my own skills in bed but I was unable to really let go and allow myself to experience the type of toe curling ecstasy that I would only read about and watch in just about every movie out there.

I grew up feeling that there was a right way and a wrong way to have sex. But I didn’t know what that “right way” was.  Sex was never discussed in my family. And it's not like I got some manual on how to be a sexual goddess.

My understanding was that as a woman, you were supposed to be the protector of your chastity. You know,  be “the good one”. But then if you WERE in bed with someone, you were supposed to be sexy and hot and orgasmic. You were supposed to already know what to do.

But NO ONE ever told me HOW to do that.

So the idea of what sex for me was very confusing.

When I began to have sex with my boyfriend, I really didn’t know what I was doing. I was doing what I thought I was supposed to do... I had this idea in my head what the perfect sexual being was. And my insides weren’t matching the outsides of what I saw.

I thought something was wrong with me.

The WORST part was that I wasn’t getting these incredible mind-blowing orgasms that people talked about.

Sure it felt good, but I wasn’t having orgasms and I wasn’t even convinced that I was even supposed to.

I was still operating under this old “good girl” mentality that I wasn’t even supposed to really enjoy it.

Oh, sure, I PRETENDED to really enjoy it. But I never climaxed. That was for men, in my head… The worst part about it was I wasn’t even AWARE that’s what I believed…

I was also obsessed with my appearance and insecure about my performance.

If I didn’t feel skinny enough, or my boobs were too small or I felt somehow unattractive, not enough.  

I enjoyed sex even less. So that would only motivate me more to become more technical…

If I could only find the perfect blowjob technique or move my hips the “right” way, or act like I was getting an orgasm, he’d be happier. Then I’d be happier.



As you can imagine, I wasn’t making any progress towards a happier sex life.

In fact, we got into a bit of a rut, doing the same things over and over and the affection, intimacy and variety started to fade away. 


Then one night I had a moment of clarity.

My boyfriend and I were having sex. He semed into it and I was just kind of going through the motions when it really hit me. I was so completely detached from the whole act. I wasn’t enjoying anything because I was so busy in my head, “acting like I was enjoying it” that I didn’t even care anymore.

He could have been with anyone in the world at that moment because he certainly wasn’t with me. Here we were, in what was supposed to be the most intimate act two people could share and I was a million miles away and he didn’t even know.

The worst part is that I realized that we had stopped having our “moment” after sex. You know that moment? Where we would either hold each other, or laugh or kiss. Just that perfect intimate moment that really brought it all together.

He was pulling away from me even if he didn’t realize it. But I did and it made me feel more alone than I had ever felt. After we finished I got up, locked myself in the bathroom and cried.

I finally got so sick and tired of settling for so-so sex.  I thought to myself, “Is this really as good as it’s going to get? Do I want to spend the rest of my life like this?” And that’s when it really hit me.


I refused to live my life KNOWING that I wasn't really satisfied with my sex life and that I didn't know how to change it. 

That’s when I set off to make some serious changes.

I realized that I didn’t really KNOW just what it was that turned me on in bed because I had never really tried to figure it out on my own! And if I didn't know what turned me on, I REALLY wasn't sure  what turned my man on.

I began to ask myself the really hard questions:

  • Is there something wrong with me?
  • Does anyone else feel the same way I do?
  • Why am I not happy with my sex life?
  • What can I do about it?
  • Where did these feelings come from?
  • How can I communicate my needs?
  • How do I become more self confident?
  • How can I feel better?
  • How can I bring more pleasure to the man I love?

I decided it was time to do a little exploring…

The Shocking Discovery
That Changed My Life…

I poured through books, interviewed doctors and professors. I started talking to other women. I started interviewing men.

And I was SHOCKED at what I found out.

I wasn’t alone, not by a long shot!

I found out that A LOT of women thought the same exact things I did:
“If I can find this perfect technique for this guy I’ll be happy.”  Or,

“Maybe something is wrong with me, that’s why I’m not happy.” Or

“I guess this is just the way it’s supposed to be, oh well.”

But we weren’t spending enough time looking at the real core issues.

Most of our issues regarding sex started and ended in our MINDS.

“Why Most Women FAIL
In The Bedroom…
And What To Do About It…”

I’ve spent countless hours interviewing both women AND men, and it has become abundantly clear that there are several DEADLY NO-NO’s when it comes to great sex.

If you find that you are doing any of these three, you need to learn from your mistakes immediately so you can avoid these falls in the future and learn to do instead what will create an amazing sexual experience for you and your partner.

Mistake #1 - Letting your mind work against you in bed

Have you ever been in bed with your man, having sex and your mind starts to wander?  You worry about work, or you’re still mad about something he said earlier today or you’re feeling kind of fat.

Suddenly, you’re trying really hard to try think about where you are and what you’re doing.  You throw in a fantasy. You try to FOCUS on having an orgasm but it just makes things worse.

The window of opportunity has closed and you’re left frustrated again.


I’ve got news for you.

You are NOT alone.

What women need to know is that there are actually 2 G-SPOTS. There is one between her legs.  We all know about that one. 

But there is another one. A far more important one. And a very NEGLECTED ONE.

And that one is the one between her ears. That’s right, our minds. And our mind is by far the most crucial when it comes to sex.

Because if it’s not with us, it’s against us…

By trying to hard and thinking too much, we can hit a point where we know an orgasm is just never going to happen.

Did you know that Pfizer Pharmaceuticals cancelled its study for the female Viagra because, ''There's a disconnect in many women between genital changes and mental changes… This disconnect does not exist in men. Men consistently get erections in the presence of naked women and want to have sex. With women, things depend on a myriad of factors.''

Among those factors?

Willingness, the actual desire to have sex, even the way women feel about themselves.

It’s an embarrassing problem for so many women, but you don’t have to be one of them.

Mistake #2 – You don’t REALLY know how to rock his world with a great BJ.

Ever feel like you’re just winging it? 

You’re looking at your man’s erection, wondering if you should just try use your mouth only or maybe your hand, but you’re not quite sure how or what combination.

Or maybe you’re in it for the long haul with him and you don’t know how to keep your mouth and throat relaxed or you just don’t know if he likes what you’re doing!

A lot of women ask themselves, how do I give a really great blowjob?

This is probably one of the most common fears that we women have and probably the easiest one to fix!

The easy answer? 

Combine both your mouth and hands. One hand should be an extension of your mouth while the other hand should be stimulating and teasing other parts of his body.

But it’s not just knowing where to put your hands or remembering to keep everything very lubricated…

 It’s about being really into what you’re doing, making your man feel desired, and enjoying the power that you have at that moment!

Confidence and desire for your man can be just as big of a part to oral sex as where you put your mouth.

Mistake #3 - Silence = So-So Sex

Be clear on this: If you don’t communicate with your man, your sex life will not change.

Let me say this again.

If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting!

And a sex life that doesn’t get better often gets worse.

That’s right. Your guy’s not a mind reader and neither are you. So how do really expect either one of you to really know what the other one wants or needs unless you talk about it?

You two may have gotten into the same old routine and we all know the word for that:


So you want to make the change right? But how do bring up the topic without shattering his fragile male ego or feeling totally insecure and exposed?

Sometimes it’s as easy as a simple game of show and tell.

Instead of trying to stop the action and telling him how you want him to touch you, you can take his hand, while kissing his ear, whispering, “You know what else feels good?” and guide his hand, using his fingers to pleasure yourself.  Not only will you get what you want, but he’ll get doubly turned on by your confidence.

How These Discoveries Can Help You

I know it’s easy to look at some of these mistakes and think, “Great, that’s what I do! Now what?”

Here’s the great news.  That is doesn’t have to be you.

You get rid of the old beliefs and have room in your head for this new happy, healthy sexuality. And you can actually become that incredible satisfied and confident woman you’ve always wanted to be!

Almost every woman I talked to could relate to feeling insecure in bed, having her thoughts get in the way of her pleasure or being unable to achieve satisfaction with her lover in some way.

A lot of these women didn’t even realize that they have created this little prisons in their minds, rigid designs on how sex is supposed to be in their heads and it was working against them when they tried to enjoy their sex lives.

Knowing I wasn’t alone only motivated me more. I wanted to try and figure out what makes us block our own ability to have a happy and healthy sex life.

What was it that held us back?

Why couldn't we communicate our needs? 

And how do you break through those old ideas and brazenly indulge in a new and improved sex life?

Well, that’s what I spent the last few years figuring out and that’s what I want to share with you.

I started incorporating what I learned into my life and the results were nothing short of life changing. It was like going from living in black and white to living in Technicolor!

And there’s absolutely NO reason you can’t do the same thing.

Now your story may not be the exact same as mine, but I can guarantee you that if you’re reading this book, it’s not because you’re perfectly happy with your sex life.


You know, deep down, that there is something missing. That the day they handed out the “Mind blowing, abundantly confident, magically orgasmic, love Goddess” fairy dust, you over slept and missed out. The confidence of being a good lover isn’t there. The mind-blowing orgasm isn’t there either.


Have no fear. I am going to help you figure it all out.

I’m going to help you find a way to tear that old life to shreds and build a new, really FANTASTIC sex life.

And isn’t that what you really want?

Don’t you just want to be happy and confident in bed?

Don’t you all want to experience the most amazing, most fulfilling orgasms possible?

Don’t we all want to know that we turn our man’s world upside down? 

Don’t we all want to think, “Yeah, my sex life ROCKS!”

Well, if you’re not feeling that way yet, you will.

I’ve spent years researching sex, interviewing men, women and experts and I’ve collected my own experience to come up with this candid, tell-all guide that will take you from so-so sex to so OH! sex in the fastest amount of time humanly possible.

The Top Secrets to Improve
Your Sex Life Revealed

Here are just a few of the amazing tips, techniques and secrets you’ll find inside:
  • Your secret 2nd G-Spot! That’s right. There’s one between your legs, but there’s another one…and this one has more power than you could ever guess. Here’s how to find BOTH glorious spots and how to turn them on…

  • The ultimate guide to becoming more orgasmic, or how to have your very first orgasm. (You’ll wonder how you went this long without having these secrets…)
  • The horrible lies you tell yourself that keep you from fully enjoying sex and how to get rid off those bogus beliefs forever!
  • How to rid yourself of the curse of the  “poor body image” and start to really see yourself as a sexy, desirable creature! (Hint: Your man will notice the difference even before you do…)
  • 3 simple steps that will change your busy mind from your own worst enemy in bed to your orgasm’s best friend! You’ll learn how to quickly turn off that committee talking in your head and simply experience physical pleasure.
  • Some of the most sexually confident women reveal their secrets on how they turn their man on without laying a finger on them!
  • The absolutely NO-FAIL teasing technique that WILL NOT ONLY MAKE HIM BEG FOR MORE BUT MAKE YOU CLIMAX FIRST!
  • Two thirds of women sabotage their chance at having mind blowing orgasms by not spending a mere 30 seconds a day doing this simple exercise. Here’s how to drastically improve your pleasure.
  • The biggest mistake you could be making that is holding you back from climaxing and how to fix it.
  • How to Completely Blow his Mind Regardless of Your Previous Experience

I think we both know that a man fantasizes over a woman’s ability to please him orally. I’m very excited to share these with you. But not as excited as I know you man will be!

  • My “Blow His Mind Everytime” 7 Steps to Nirvana. You follow these easy steps and your man will worship your mouth and everything connected to it!
  • Handjobs: What can actually be more pain than pleasure for your man and how to avoid it like the plague.
  • 5 vital details that you weren’t aware of that can turn a good hand job into an eye-popping experience for him! (Most women only know 2 or 3, but the few women who know all have very happy men in their bed. I can’t wait to share them with you!)
  • My SIX absolute favorite hand positions that will make your man putty in your hands. (You use one or two of these, he’ll be positively addicted you! But if you use ALL six, he may never leave you alone, consider yourself warned.)
  • Oral Sex: What turns a man on the most, what would have him running for the hills and how to avoid that!
  • What the super savvy lover has hidden in her nightstand. (I’ll give you the list of what you need to keep close by.  (Hint: There is one in particular that men have begged me to include to make their experience ten times better…)
  • How to stay emotionally connected with your man while you’re performing oral sex, creating an incredibly intimate experience that neither one of you will ever forget.
  • The best hand placements for you while performing oral sex, breathing techniques to keep you relaxed and the best positions for you to remain the most comfortable.
  • The best combination hand / mouth techniques that will have him melting in your mouth! Ways to work everything you’ve got to give him the most intense, powerful orgasms he’s ever had.
  • Your man’s secret “G-spot”. How to gently introduce him to it and have him begging for more.

Get the Best Out Of Your Man in Bed!

Face it. It takes two. You can’t do everything.  And you won’t have to! Here are some of my favorite tips and techniques that will guarantee a more passionate and more intimate relationship outside of the bedroom as well as in!

  • The absolutely painless way to ask for what you want in bed and get it while turning him on in the process! And the seriously simple way to get over your own shyness.
  • Phone fun: How to use your voice to get him so hot and bothered that he he’ll leave work early. Strengthen you confidence and weaken his knees with some already proven dialogue written for you.
  • The art of breathing – how different ways of breathing can help you achieve an orgasm. (You may have been blocking an orgasm all along but you will easily increase your chances by changing your breathing…)
  • The top “female friendly” positions that give YOU the best chance at obtaining an orgasm every time – easily described so you two can slip into them now!
  • The “Show and Tell” solution to reaching climax. With a little easy team work, you’ll find that you’re more orgasmic and he’s so turned on that he got you there…

Special Solutions For
Those Unique Situations

OK, we all know it’s not all hearts and flowers. Sometimes, there are a few bumps in the road. But with a little grace, humor and patience, you can get through any awkward situation!

  • Great tips to really SPICE up your sex life with a few naughty suggestions that may end up being some of your absolute favorite games to play in bed. This will also keep your sex fresh and spontaneous!
  • Have you ever found yourself with a man who constantly finishes before you? Are you constantly left out in the cold, climax-wise? I’ve got a simple – sure fire way to make sure your needs are met and his ego stays in tact.
  • How to bring up the topic of sexual health, HIV testing and other diseases. It’s your health, so this can be one of the most important conversations you can have, but there is an easy and even sexy way to do it!
  • A simple, easy to use guide to the “backdoor” sex. If you dare to live on the wild side, I’ll show the safe and gentle way to rocket your sex life into the fourth dimension. (Some women have the most powerful orgasms of their lives in this position…)
  • A really hot and fun guide to bonding with light bondage. 4 little rules that will turn your excitement and pleasure up to maximum ecstasy. (Warning: This hot act can get highly addictive, you may never want to untie each other… make sure there’s plenty of food in the house…)
And this is just the beginning…
I want to make a couple of things very clear: This is not some book of pornography. There are no pictures or illustrated positions or anything like that.

Nor is this a book that cast any judgments or opinions on your sex life.


My goal in writing this book was not to turn the woman reading this book into some imaginary porn star.

My goal is to dramatically improve the sex life of a woman who, like me, cares deeply about her man’s pleasure AS WELL AS her own.

In fact, you could say that I’m really writing this book for THE BOTH OF YOU.  It takes two to tango, so I want you BOTH to benefit from all of my research.

I want you to have the type of exciting and lust-filled sex life that I have found. The type that also brings you more confidence and security in your relationship. It is just plain unfair that so many women can’t experience sexual pleasure in their relationships with men because they simply DON’T KNOW HOW.

So - Can you really learn all you need to know from a book?

Good question.

I asked myself the same thing.

I must confess, I was concerned, sitting alone in my house, typing out all of this information, that although it worked for my friends… would it work for everyone else?

I mean, how was I to know for sure?  What if it was just stuff everyone else magically knew already, or I just couldn’t explain it properly?

That is why I was so incredibly relieved when I gave the book to a bunch of my friends and started getting the emails of thanks back from them!

The responses I've gotten have been more than worth all the time and energy spent. Here are just a few responses women have had after reading my book, thanking me for sharing these “secrets”…

Dear Lora,

I want to thank you for all the advice you give. It is GREAT! I have had always had a problem getting an orgasm but not since reading your book!  Your advice on the man using his fingers inside as if to say, "Come here" is wonderful!! We've tried so many things and that gets me there EVERY time. My boyfriend is the type that wants to please me more than him and that drives him quicker than anything. We also tried that position where I lay on him with my back on his chest this position is "heaven" for getting there.  You are great at what you do and even my boyfriend loves to read your letters, he thinks you're awesome. Thanks Again!

                                     B.M. Alabama


Dear Lora,

I read your book and I want to thank you so much. I completely related to your childhood-I always felt like daddy’s girl, and wanted to please HIM more than myself because of that relationship. I also basically learned how to have sex from porn, so that “performance” thing you talked about in Chapter one was so me. I have had trouble really enjoying sex and being “natural” at it with my boyfriends. I have a boyfriend that I am serious about now, and I tried your tips for both stimulating HIM and ME, and we actually were able to connect on a deeper level. I especially appreciated the part “Mind Over Matter,” I have spent so much time thinking in bed, rather than enjoying. You may not have a PHD in Sexology, but you made a difference in my life.
Thanks a bunch,

                                     Sarah J., San Francisco, CA

Dear Lora,

Honestly, I need to thank you. I've had a hard past and had a lot to get over mentally before I could even enjoy sex. I'll be honest, when I was a child, I was raped. However, recently I have managed to get over that. After 12 years of battling myself mentally. Using some of your advice from your book, I was able to turn on my man who in turn did the same for me. Which led to one of the most passionate nights of my life. Ever since that night, I've felt free and happy in ways that I've never been able to experience. I've really got to thank you. Your advice helped open me up and eventually led me to that point. I was finally able to experience my first orgasm!

                                     R., New Mexico

Thank you so much for your new sex advice book.  I couldn't stop reading the section about "him".  You managed to strike a perfect balance between practical advice and humor that made some of these new techniques more approachable...although, I still don't know if I'll stop blushing long enough to try a couple of them.  Thank you again for the great book!

                                     Susan P., Aurora, IL.

Dear Lora,

Let me first say that your book is great. My man is the one who sent it to me!!! Wow! Let me tell you, I'm over 40 and had never had an orgasm. Yes, that's right. I was in an abusive relationship for years and he just did not care. Also, I learned nothing good about sex from my folks.  It was like I was still a virgin. Your book has opened my eyes and I wish to thank you for taking the time to write it. It is GREAT!
Again, Lora, THANKS!


Thank you so much for the new book.  It has entirely re-energized our marriage.  I read the section on Him twice in one day and my husband hasn't been the same since. I love the explicit instruction and the page turning humor!

                                     Colleen T., Palo Alto, CA.

This is the book I didn't even know I'd been waiting for. After completing the lists as suggested in the second chapter, I was able, for the first time to uncover my long held belief that sex was "currency" to be used or taken away from a man to get what I wanted. I was surprised to realize that I had never really enjoyed sex just for myself, for my own pleasure.  The straight talk on these pages combined with the author's gentle humor, and insightful instruction, offered me a way to begin again, and already I'm reaping the benefits...

                                     Marianne S.,  UK

Morning Lora and Bliss in the Bedroom
Just wanted to share with you and say thanks for the things You send to us gals young and old. Bob and I have been swinging for most of our 50 years of married life. I learn and try new things from most all your emails. Thanks again ,

                                     H.K., Texas


Thank you for you latest book. It made me look at my body and how I presented it, which in turn gave me more confidence and the pleasure of feeling sexier. I also displaced the belief there was a “routine” for sexual activity.

                                     Julie R., London, England

Thanks for the great new book! I learned so much! Until I read this book I truly believed that “Kegel exercises” were for people expecting babies! Your book keeps it real – makes serious matters light and easy to understand with great humor. Thanks !

                                     Diane, New York

Dear Lora-

Thank you for your book. I really enjoyed it! It was like getting advice from the wise and hysterically funny big sister I've always wished I had.  The tips about the "inside and outside jobs" were especially helpful. I've been in a relationship for several years and it was good for me to think about these things. Sometimes we can get too complacent. I know that my boyfriend is among accomplished, confident and attractive women all day at work and although I don't really feel as if I'm competing with them -- it is just good common sense to keep working on myself! Again, many thank.

                                     Cheryl R., Malibu CA


Let’s Wrap This Up…

It’s because of these responses that I’m so completely confident that I teach ANY woman how to live up to her most satisfying sexual potential AND give her man the most mind blowing sex of his life!

So completely confident that you have my 100% guarantee on it…

I seriously believe that the information in this book is going to completely CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

That’s right, not just better sex… but a better life and a better YOU.

  • Imagine how you’ll feel when your guy looks at you with such appreciation and wonderment.
  • Picture what it will be like to FINALLY have these incredible orgasms and really be fulfilled in the bedroom.
  • Think about what it will feel like when you begin to feel sexier, so sexy you’ll have no problem taking off your clothes in front of him.
  • Imagine the thrill you’ll get know you’re man is absolutely and positive addicted to YOU.
  • Picture yourself walking taller, with a devilish smile on your face because you’ve got a secret… and that secret is you’re finally getting the satisfaction in bed you deserve.
  • Imagine the confidence that you feel not only in your relationship, but as a strong and vital woman.

Sound too good to be true?

That’s because you don’t understand yet but you will be investing in your own pleasure. Making this positive change in your thinking and in your sex life will lead to more intensely pleasurable experiences in all areas of YOUR life.

  • Think about how you will finally adopt a healthier, more positive view of yourself. You will really start to feel more attractive, more comfortable in bed and all around sexier as a woman.
  • This newfound confidence will not just be noticed by you but by your partner, who can’t help but be amazed by your transformation.
  • The confidence you get when your guy gives you that kind of adoration is something that can profoundly affect every other part of your life.
  • Think about how will you feel because your man flattered that you took the time to invest in your relationship by actively improving your sex?
  • Additionally your personal life is very different when you have a loving and devoted man… and if you are currently have difficulty in bed, then you already know… imagine how much easier it would be with more passion and sheer bliss in your bed?
  • And more than that… because when you give with such passion and dedication to your man, his only desire will be to please YOU back. 
  • Instead of feeling like a piece of furniture in the house, you will be amazed to discover how much your man will enjoy rubbing your shoulders, buying you little “gifts,” and even taking the time to surprise you with affection.
  • You’ll soon start to find that YOUR sex life is really worth bragging over.
  • And you’ll feel that YOU’RE WORTH BRAGGING OVER, as your confidence in yourself continues to strengthen.
  • Imagine how it would feel to NEVER worry about whether or not you were desirable to him again?
           Read the book from cover to cover and you'll find strategies you can use RIGHT AWAY to totally turn your life upside down in a sexy hot way. I promise.

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           If you'd like to keep the book, you don't need to do anything further. Your credit card will automatically be billed — but not before you've had a FULL 7 DAYS to use the materials.

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The secrets I reveal to you here will dramatically improve your life on every level.

What I have learned here has been the key to my happiness and my passion… and now it will be YOURS too.

Whether you already have a husband or boyfriend that you want to keep so completely turned on by you that he’d never even think about being with another woman, or you are looking to meet Mr. Right in the future and want to make sure you are READY when you do… this book is going to “blow his mind.”

Remember, you have my 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you’re not happy, you get your money back… no hassles and no questions asked.  This is truly a risk-free offer.

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Take care and happy sex,


P.S. This book contains all the information you need to create the fiery and passionate sex life that you’ve always wanted but were afraid to go after. If you’re really serious about becoming the happily sexualized woman that has finally found out what all the “fuss is about,” then you owe it to yourself to get your pretty little hands on my book today.

And if you’re serious about becoming the best lover that he’s ever had, so much so, that he’ll even forget that there was anyone else before you and there will be no one after you, then you owe it to your guy to get your hands on these secrets immediately. I personally guarantee they will work for you as they have for me and so many other women.

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P.P.S. Please don’t forget that I LOVE hearing from the women AND men out there who have read my book and are having unbelievable sexual experiences, so once you start using this information, please be sure to send me an email to tell me how it’s working for you at blissbedroomsupport@gmail.com

If you have any questions about this offer or how to buy the book, just send an email to blissbedroomsupport@gmail.com and you’ll get an answer shortly.